Beating away your cold with some simple home remedies

With changes in the weather, many of us are experiencing the common cold. Colds are unpleasant and with no option to have antibiotic treatment to help us fight it off, home remedies come in handy. A stuffy or runny nose accompanied by a headache and sometimes fever, can put a halt on everyday life as you need time to recover.

Try to steam out the poisons from your sinuses with a hot bowl of water and a tea towel. Placing your head over warm water will help to pool any secretions out and help you to breathe a little easier.

If you are having a mild fever you could try having a tepid bath to help regulate it. While anti-pyretic medications may help, this method can help support them

Rest is of course the best advice for helping your body recover from the common cold as quickly as possible. Sleep is so important to our recovery, so make sure you have time to sleep during the day and get that much needed rest to fight the cold away.