Healthy Breakfasts: Are eggs the best option?

A lot of people say it’s important to eat a mix of different foods, so you get your protein, healthy fats, fibre, greens and carbohydrates, however, breakfasts don’t tend to be quite as varied for some people. One of the most popular options is of course eggs, which comes in many different styles from fried to scrambled, boiled and omelette. That said, if you were to eat eggs everyday would it be good for you, or may it be worse than you predict? Well it does depend on your goals, but as an example, if you’re trying to cut fat, having lots of eggs everyday may not be the best option, because the yolk does contain considerable amount of fat and calories, hence why so many health freaks choose to go with egg whites often. That said, eggs daily could be a good idea if you’re looking to bulk and build muscle, so it always depends on your goals.