Don’t use the word ‘diet’

The word ‘diet’ is a rather horrible one! As soon as people say they’re on a diet, they feel like they’re restricted, and that’s not a good feeling to have, because at some point you’ll feel you need to break the prison rules and eat something naughty.

Why not enjoy the best of both? There are ways to enjoy delicious foods without consuming too many calories. A balanced diet can include all kinds of natural fats and sugars so you don’t need to settle for boring salads without any dressing, counting your calories every single time you put something in your mouth. Instead, you can enjoy a lifestyle change and focus on particular types of foods you need to consume more of such as protein and fibre, whilst carbohydrates can still be useful giving you some energy for tiring workouts. Don’t use the word ‘diet’ if you want to be healthier. Think of your next step as a simple lifestyle change and eating balanced – nothing more.