Three Side Effects To Using Fat Burners

Many people look for quick fixes when trying to lose weight, and turn to fat burners. Although some fat burners do work in moderation with a good lifestyle and healthy diet, it is important to know the negatives of using them.

1) Fat burners are known to cause dehydration especially during hotter weather when exercising. This also leads to headaches, and many have collapsed due to their lack of water intake also.

2) They are also known to increase anxiety, due to levels of cortisol that increase when consuming the fat burners. We definitely don’t recommend using fat burners, if you already suffer from anxiety as they can worsen the issue.

3) The increase of blood pressure is also a well-known side effect. As the pills heat up your body, it increases your metabolism leading you to burn fat at a higher rate. The ingredients in the fat burner cause high blood pressure and increased heart rate.