What Will You Learn on a Paediatric First Aid Course?

Nothing can be more important than the safety of children in your care. If you work in a professional childcare setting for young children, then you will need to have designated first aiders and people who understand how to deliver emergency first aid in the event of an emergency. London has its fair share of childcare settings and a paediatric first aid course London will be designed for people working in this sector, specifically in and around London. Attending a course will help people to become more competent first aiders and, in the most serious cases, it could help to save a child’s life.

What kinds of childcare settings will benefit from a paediatric first aid course?

Any childcare settings can benefit! These types of courses are primarily set up for people looking after younger children though, so if you look after older children or you’re a secondary teacher, it’s worth attending a different kind of course. People who may attend a paediatric first aid course in London include childminders, early years teachers, nursery nurses, classroom assistants, and anyone else working with young children. There are many dangers that can face young children on a day to day basis, simply because they are lively and curious – even in a safe setting such as the classroom or a supervised play area, children can fall and injure themselves. There is always something to be learnt from a first aid course, and even experienced first aiders should update their skills regularly.

What will you learn during a paediatric first aid course?

There are many skills to be learnt during a paediatric first aid course. Any good course will meet the requirements of OFSTED, which covers first aid training requirements in early years settings. These are some of the things you can expect to learn on a paediatric first aid course:

  • The role of a first aider and what is expected of you
  • How to deal with an emergency in a calm and logical way
  • Dealing with an unconscious child or baby
  • How to deal with head injuries – what you should and shouldn’t do if the injury is serious
  • How to deal with more minor injuries such as cuts and minor burns, or insect bites and scratches
  • Response to issues arising from existing conditions, such as diabetes, as well as warning signs to look out for with issues like meningitis
  • Dealing with epilepsy, fits and convulsions
  • Coping with allergic reactions and dealing with issues like aniphilactic shock using an EpiPen

Often courses will be split into two parts, or potentially even more depending on how much content needs to be covered. The courses can be adapted for different people, catering for different levels of prior knowledge and experience of first aid.

Where are paediatric first aid courses held?

First aid courses for people looking after children are held throughout London and they’re highly popular. They can be held for groups in various places, or they may be held on site at your particular childcare centre.