Five Ways Playing Outside Improves Kids’ Health

One thing that most every parent looks forward to is nice weather so they can send their kids outside to play more, but it isn’t just a convenience for kids to play and have fun outside. It is also very good for their health and wellbeing. Children’s skin obviously will need protection from the sun’s UV rays or inclement weather but the benefits, for kids, of playing outside are:

1. Better Vision: according to a study done by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, children who play more outside were less likely to develop “myopia” or near-sightedness.

2. Reduced Stress: research done on children’s’ stress levels and resilience concluded that exposure to the outdoors decreased stress.

3. Higher Vitamin D Levels: it is common knowledge that we can take in Vitamin D from the sun which is incredibly important for bone health and warding off several other potential diseases.

4. Promotes Motor Skills and Social Skills: kids need to explore and learn how to interact with the world and people around them.

5. Increased Attention Span: there has be evidence that attention deficit symptoms appear to diminish with increased exposure to outdoor settings.

Being outdoors is incredibly important for children’s development and helps improve moods in kids and adults.